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Training & Programming
Concept2 Rowing Challenge: Global Marathon: May 1-15
Destination: A Better You, Fitness Cruise to Alaska June 29-July 6, 2014
Yoga Balls Replacing Desk Chairs in Elementary School
New Exercise Training with the Indo Yoga Board
Les Mills Launches 30 Minute High Intensity GRIT Series Interval Training
Active Video Games for Physical Activity Promotion
NCPAD Nutrition Spotlight: Breads and Cereals - Video

Y News & Blogs
Wharton University: Do Tax Incentives for Nonprofits Provide an Unfair Advantage?
YMCA of the USA Presents the Y Expo-Dition February 18-20, 2015
Matt Tuckey Blog, The Leadership (not so) Secret, Carlisle Family YMCA
You can follow Matt on Twitter @mtuckeyimages
YMCA of the USA Awarded CDC Grant to Promote Health & Well-being
YMCAs New Brand Strategy: The Y

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Supplier Newsletters
Concept2 Update
Exergame Fitness
American Academy of Health and Fitness Newsletter
American Academy of Health and Fitness Journal
Indo Board Balance Trainer Newsletter

Industry Update
Nielson: Les Mills Global Consumer Fitness Survey, 2013
Concept2 Awarded “Best in Class” by Medical Fitness Association
Women’s Sports Foundation: A Decade of Decline, Research Report
Read OnSite Fitness on your iPad with the Free MediaWire App
A-1 Textiles named to Inc. Magazines Prestigious INC 5000 List

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Aquatic News
The Science about Urine and Chlorine
NSPF Pool & Spa Operator 2014 Handbook
Swimming for Life: Taking the Plunge
NDPA Pool Safety Tips
Top Instructors Recognized by NSPF
It’s Something In The Water
Learn To Swim Radio Show With Melon Dash

Grants & Scholarships
Robert Wood Johnson Digest: Childhood Obesity April 11, 2014
RWJ Foundation 2013 President’s Message: Envisioning A Healthy America
Robert Wood Johnson: Roadmaps to Health: Community Grants
VA Grant Program/Olympic Opportunity Fund
Writing a Business Grant Proposal
An Informative Guide To Small Business
W.K. Kellogg Foundation Grants

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