Day 1

“DAY 1”

When you make the decision to start your fitness journey you begin with “Day 1.” That is the day where you start making changes to help succeed in your end goal. That is the day where you have to completely change your mindset from “I can’t” to “I can.” That is the day where you might think that transforming your body is going to be impossible and take too long. As a trainer I see the pain and disappointment in my clients face when they realize how much effort it takes to get through that “Day 1” workout. I myself have had many “Day 1’s” and I know how emotional it can be to start when that end goal seems so far away. My biggest piece of advice is to always stay focused on the smaller goals that will eventually lead you to that big goal and NEVER give up. Take one day and a time and give it 110% every single workout. Eventually your “Day 1” will be completely behind you and that time that once seemed impossible is now your everyday habit. And “1 Day” you won’t think about “Day 1” anymore, you will just think about tomorrow and what you can do tomorrow to get better then you were today.

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